Old News - September 98

New Stuff (But still no LID 2.0)

     I added a nifty Submit area where you can submit reviews for D-Mods, news, or tutorials.  I also added a link to Dink Solutions (a week late).  Anyways, if you want to go to a Dink site that updates mostly daily with actual news, take a look at Smokin_E's Dink Smallwood Page.
     Oh, and another thing.  LID V2.0 has progressed to the point that all that needs to be done is minor bug fixes and the last D-Mod.  Yeah!


Lost in Dink V2.0 should be out on 10/2, 10/3, or 10/4.    So far, I only have the secret D-Mods to finish up.  Oh, and another thing, the secret D-Mods will be actual secrets.  What I have planned is the first person to find one gets their name posted here.  No contest, or anything like that.   After somebody finds one, I'll tell you how to get there.  Because I spent a very long time working on these secret ones.  And I haven't got a chance to play the new D-Mod yet.  You can get it at the link under 9/28/98.

New D-Mod

A new D-Mod has been released, but not by me.  It's Revenge of the Cast, and people say it's pretty good, but I haven't had a chance to play it yet.   Well, at least Gary Hertel's web site gave it a WHOLE STAR more than Lost in Dink. Not that I care...

LID 2.0 Delayed! & more info

     LID 2.0 is just taking a whole lot more time than was expected.  It still could be up tonight, but it is kind of unlikely.    Anyways, now that I'm almost complete, here is some more information.
     Lost In Dink:  I changed the key and brdige repair kit graphics.  I also added two more save points.  I also reduced the slimers.
     Kill The Ducks:  I made the door by the fountain a run away script, so you can just run into it instead of hitting space.  I also added one more savepoint.  I also added every D-Mod that has been released to the Timeline (in the D-Mod).
     Secret D-Mod #1:  This one doesn't star Dink, yet has him in it.  It is no way connected to the timeline AT ALL.   (You'll see why :-)   There's a LOAD of new graphics, almost everything is new(except the indoors).
     Secret D-Mod #2:  This one stars Dink, but you won't be killing pillbugs & slimers & ducks :-).  Just a little in the new graphics department.
     Cheat Protection:  If you decide you want to cheat in the secret D-Mods, you'll be a little surprised :-).  I also am using a secret cheat blocker, along with visions so you won't be able to play in or edit the secret levels at all.  Even if you warp to them.

     By 9/27, Lost in Dink 2.0 should be out.  In it, there will be a whopping total of 4 D-Mods, including Lost in Dink, Kill the Ducks, and 2 super-secret ones.  Lost in Dink will include new graphics, while Kill the Ducks will fix a minor quibble, and some other stuff will be added.  Cheaters beware, you won't be able to hack this one, no matter what :).  There might be a contest element, but no prizes (if any) have been decided yet.
     I also took down the Java crap, and put a link to download Lost in Dink on the top of this page.

     I put up an advanced graphics tutorial, which explains about using Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro to edit palletes and such.  Click on D-Mod Author Zone to go there.
     If by chance you want to add a tutorial (or a review of a D-Mod) just e-mail me, or wait until Saturday when I'll have a form you can fill out.

     I created a graphics tutorial that explains how to put in graphics of your own into a D-Mod.  Click on D-Mod Author Zone to go there.

9/19/98 @ 10:00 p.m. (EST I think...)
     Having nothing else better to do, I added a load of links to the links page.  But I didn't add links to pages that said "I ain't gonna update anymore," "I'm sorry, I have to close down," & "Last Updated: April 27, 1900."
     Amazingly, this site has been updated daily since (at least) 9/12.  To see all the old news, click on Previous Ramblings below.
     Today, I started work on Cast Awakening, a somewhat small D-Mod that lets you play as Joon the Bowman (subject to change).  More info can be found on Future D-Mods on the left.
     Anyways, I decided I might as well give my take on Mike Snyder's new Dink stand-alone D-Mod (a month late).  Now don't get me wrong, I'm most likely to buy the D-Mod version.  But I fear that many people will not buy the stand-alone version for a majority of reasons.  One is that for just $5 of $10 more you could get Dink Smallwood, and have access to all the available D-Mods, which you can't play with the Stand-Alone one.  I mean, if the stand-alone D-Mod is $20, and and the D-Mod version is $10, you could get Dink with the D-Mod version for $35, and have the ability to create and play D-Mods. It just doesn't make since economically.

     Ack... I put down Curtis Kazimir as the author of Slaughterhouse as opposed to Kevin Kazimir, the actual author.  Sorry about that...   It now says the correct author.

     Added a counter in the left frame.  I had to have something to update...  I also added a link to Smokin_E's Dink Smallwood Site.

     Just released the source to Lost in Dink v1.4.   Click on D-mod author zone on the right to download it.  It also includes a text file that tells what most of the .c files are.

     Ack!!  Messed with the visions, made v1.3 unbeatable.   Please get v1.4 here!
     Anyways, I misunderstood Dukie's message, and I gave away the contest secret.  Oh well...

     Well, Dukie found the 'contest' secret.  It is located below Jight, to the left of the non-pine tree.  Go there and see what it says. :-)

     Sorry for all the confusion surrounding Lost In Dink.    I just got over-excited and jumped the gun a few times.  Well, Version 1.3 has been released, which will hopefully be the last.  It fixes all known hardness bugs, and makes the secret available.  And fixes problems with the beginning of Kill The Ducks, thanks to Dukie.  You can get it here.
     I also added a new section on the right, LID Contest, which has more on the 'contest' in Lost In Dink, along with Future D-Mods.  Lastly, I added a new link to The Dink DarkWoods, added Valley of the Talking Trees, got 1.1 version of The Slaughterhouse, and put the author of Slaughterhouse up.

     Oops... forgot to have the keep folder attributes on in WinZip.   Well, Version 1.2 of Lost In Dink is now out, which can be downloaded here.

I accidently lost all the news prior to this time.  Sorry.